Marcus Bowden

From a super young age, my curiosity to understand technology and how things worked, has always been something that has drawn me in. I did what I needed to do to make sure I had the latest computer components/software, video game consoles and any other new gadget I found interesting. 25+ years later and not much has changed I guess... The only difference now is that my curiosity has grown exponentially, I have a Computer Science degree and I solve problems for a living to afford my own gadgets (thanks mom), so maybe a few things have changed :)

I love to learn from my peers and I love to help facilitate growth in other people as well. I love to constructively challenge a thought process just to see how someone, or a group of people, arrive at a certain conclusion. It goes without saying that I also absolutely love to be constructively challenged myself and the feeling of objectivity that goes along with it. Being from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I'm used to an incredibly diverse environment, which has allowed me to develop a strong interest and empathy to those around me. In short, I love working with people and take a lot of pride in the interactions that we share.

Outside of work, music and bikes are my passion. I spend a lot of time in my studio working on my next sound/single/album and I love shredding the streets with my pack of die-hard track bike enthusiasts. Of course, I spend a ton of my free time looking up new technologies, gadgets and design patterns and love to build apps to practice how to use these concepts in the real world.