Marcela Vasquez Rosenlöf

Curiosity does not kill cats; I believe it is what makes the world evolve and it is the main driver for my choices in life.Curiosity about people and culture and, more specifically, the magic that happens when mixing differences. Observing and talking to people is a passion of mine. I myself am a veritable mix; Latin genes from Chile, brought up in Sweden and married a Finn, while further adding to this diverse melting pot with three mixed kids.

Curiosity leads us to constantly learn, to broaden the mind and control new areas. I learned some basics when studying for my Masters in Electrical Engineering with focus on Data and Telecommunications, before gaining some real-life experience in the Telco innovation hub. I have been involved with starting a company, developing the business for a huge software company and providing IT for a traditional industrial company – which have all added valuable perspectives to my skill set.

Curiosity for the new – new behaviours and market trends, new technology and gadgets – is another aspect that drives me. I admire the sheer talent and work effort that it takes to combine technology with the behaviours that are needed to make smart innovations. I am always on the look out for new ways to develop my skills and add value to the team. It is important for me to belong, and to be part of a team in a transparent and innovative environment where I feel that I contribute.

In my spare time, I am drawn to test new stuff early on – it’s all about the curiosity! I also like to spend time reading, walking, thinking and hanging out with family and friends.