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Linus Costa Eriksson, tretton37

Like many other third-culture kids, I've carried with me a sense of rootlessness growing up. Luckily for me, I was also born a tech-savvy millennial and witnessed the advent of the internet, and with it, I found a sense of belonging in online communities of like-minded people -- be it in coding, gaming, music, memes, investing, whatever. The internet is my home and my roots are in the cloud!

Today I am a business-graduate-turned-backend-developer. What I lack in formal education I compensate for in pure stubbornness and furious Googling. I have a background in the financial industry but want to broaden my horizons by working as an IT consultant in diverse fields using diverse technologies. I am a hardcore tech FOMOer so if you discover any cool tech, be it a new Java library or some music production software, I have to know about it!

Outside of work I enjoy playing guitar, running, researching cryptos, and much more. One of my dreams is to own a Cybertruck and ride around it blasting music and exploring the world sustainably. Tag along for the ride!

Linus lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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