Leticia Campos

Coming from sunny Southern Spain, with a stop in the green Ireland, I found in Sweden the place I now call home. As a child, my favourite toys were Meccano, cables, sockets and electrical appliances that my dad (or my curiosity feeder, as I often calls him) would always hand to me. Apparently, it was fun to observe how I used to gut stuff believing I was fixing it when I was actually destroying it, while mom would ask him to please stop: ‘This kid needs other ways to explore or she will start breaking other stuff’.

So I found other ways to continue exploring, wondering how this amazing world works. I got my education in electronics engineering, aiming to end up as a sound engineer or building robots to make people lives easier. My eager curiosity made me switch from hardware to software, and that was when I got the chance to try testing and absolutely loved it. What a cool job! I could use that inherent interest for breaking things to get to understand how systems work and improve them, by applying a destructive mindset to come up with multiple scenarios to find their potential faults.

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring places, learning and trying out as many things as possible and surrounding myself with genuine and passionate people I can exchange ideas with and learn from. I love music, it is my engine and, since I am zero talented to play, I am learning to DJ in my spare time.