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Leon van Bakel, tretton37

As Drake would say "started from the bottom, now we're here". I have always been a bit of a master of deviation, always taking the "wrong" turn. I went off to study about book bindings, package design and print. That's where I got a sense about what function design actually is, and what it takes to make it an experience of pure craftsmanship. I noticed a lack of computer knowledge during my studies, so I continued to explore computers on my own.

This helped me to achieve something that I had in my mind both faster and easier. I continued my search through package design, graphic design, industrial design, motion, photography, production, scripts and landed in digital product design with a lot of baggage.

My main philosophy is "less is more" and, if I'm honest, it's something I struggle to achieve in my daily life. Being aware that the simplest solution can be produced from a complex process, I try to consult with experts, explore all the possible options and take the time - and patience - with the product to design the best solution and never be a solo player. I believe problem solving with design thinking is a great tool we invented in 20th century. I also love the unknown, so I am always on a quest for knowledge and am prepared to share both my mistakes and good examples.

My free time consists of family time, sport, friends, and multiple hobbies. As a passioned off-road cyclist, I like to keep my garage filled with two wheel examples instead of fancy petrol powered four wheels. Stay simple!

Leon lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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