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Building stuff is something I've been in love with since my parents got me hooked on playing with Lego as a kid. That passion quickly transferred over to the digital world of computers as a teenager, and has gone from writing small scripts for games to developing cloud based systems. Although I started out with developing games, I found myself writing engines instead, as memory management turned out to be more fun than playing games.

I've really fallen in love with functional programming as of late, specifically the languages Elixir and F#. AI and Machine Learning are quickly becoming the next big thing and I think they will revolutionize how we build new innovations.

Investing time in learning is very high up on my to-do list, and I enjoy being a part of creating the next big thing. I'm quite curious, spontaneous and am always looking to jump straight into new adventures with both feet.

Kenneth lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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