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Joss Åkesson, tretton37

There are tons of jokes out there starting with "a tester walks into a bar" followed by several ways of how they make an, and what they like to, order. I'd like to question the assumptions already made here. To enter a bar I need to find, and access, it. In another context - walk - might be a bias we need to get rid of. Nit-picky or important, things could easily get missed because no one raised the question of why, how or what if.

I like to question where things often are taken for granted, and the biggest challenge is to always keep questioning myself. As a tester that has proven to be my most crucial skill. Another is team work where we make sure we are reaching for the same goal while enabling each others' best abilities getting there.

Outside the office I spend as much time as possible in front of the drums, rehearsing with one of my bands. I also love sewing in my studio and playing board games with my friends.

As drummer and tester I've thought about the similarities to a goalkeeper: it's clearly noticed if you mess up, but if you do well, it seamlessly enables the other team members to get things going. Occasionally you also get to do a solo or make a million dollar save - and you always have fun and learn things while evolving your skillset.

Joss lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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