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Johannes Alvarsson, tretton37

I have always been fascinated by digital experiences, especially when I get to share them with others. I’m passionate about people and technology and wanted to combine them in my work life.

As a youngster, I explored web design and web development to design my own experiences — and eventually, I discovered the disciplines of User Experience (UX) and interaction design, a perfect combo!

I strive to become a better UX-designer every day, learning new and maintaining the needed skills in digital design and understanding the user. I believe in involving the users early and often, and you’ll always learn new things together with them! With my roots in web development, I also see myself as a bridge-builder communicating the user needs with the developers.

When not admiring or creating digital experiences, I also love being outside in nature, spend time with friends and family, play and listen to music and go back home to the province of Västerbotten.

Johannes lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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