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Johan Nåtby, tretton37

Since the very early years I’ve loved maths and problem solving. In my teens I fell in love with gaming, so it was natural for me to enrol in “Computer Game Development” at Stockholm University. It was here that I discovered a new passion - programming - my new career….

Fast-forward ten years and I’m still as passionate about programming now as I was that first day in school, and I’ve been working with it every day since. I’m still learning new stuff and am growing as a programmer (and a human) every single day in this profession. As long as that continues, I will never stop!

When I’m not programming, you will mostly find me in the kitchen creating masterpieces or in front of the computer - but not as a programmer - as a gamer. On vacation I like to do the types of activities that get my adrenaline pumping; skiing, diving, downhill mountain biking, climbing...and everything in between!

Johan lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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