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Jernej Lipovec, tretton37

I started my coding adventures from early ages of primary school making our own class website with all the colorful pre-generated buttons and all the crazy scripts (like snowflakes over the screen) I could find on the internet. This ignited my interest in everything that has to do with computers, which also resulted in getting in the CS studies.

From then on my passion was always trying out the new technologies and gaining new knowledge. I have tried all the things from games to mobile apps, but currently, I mostly enjoy web technologies and working with the newest JavaScript frameworks. I am sure I will enjoy the knowledge sharing environment here at tretton37.

When not coding you will find me playing soccer, badminton, run or visiting the gym. I might also be involved in judging an event of Magic: the Gathering either locally or around the world.

Jernej lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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