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We’re still the same company with the same heart and focus on empowering clients and colleagues – and that will never change – but now we’re shorthand! If you want to get in touch to talk to us about empowering your organisation, uncovering your digital capabilities or find out more about life at 13|37 then head on over to 1337.tech.

tretton37.com will be available for a limited transition period only. Have a wonderful day.

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İlkin Artuç, tretton37

Throughout history the world has witnessed some truly important revolutions, which have all led to groundbreaking changes and transformations in society. It is obvious that the latest cycle we have encountered is the technological revolution, and the essence of technology is software.

It really excites me to have a profession related to the driving force of the twenty-first century. Today, thanks to millions of applications, life is easier than ever before and people have more time to spend on the things they really love to do. It’s satisfying to know that as an Android developer at tretton37, I am able to contribute to making lives simpler. I also really love to code, so it’s a win-win.

Before telling you what I do in my spare time, you should know that I’m in love with my computer and we are very happy together! I could play games for hours nonstop. However, after my wife yells at me to stop playing games, I like to go out to discover new and exciting tastes with her. We love to go on new adventures/travels that broaden our horizons and allow us to experience something unique and special.

İlkin lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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