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Igor Antipin, tretton37

In my early childhood, I wanted to be an inventor. I have always loved playing construction sets and engineering toys. There were always not enough components to build something special, something out of the box. As a schoolboy, I read all the books in my local library about the technical details of steam engines, airplanes, rockets, robots, and more. When I was in 6th grade, I discovered a missing component. It was a computer. I immediately realized how valuable computers can be in my passion for invention.

I decided to learn as much as possible about computers and programming.Thanks to my parents, they very soon noticed my craving for computers. They bought me a 48K ZX Spectrum, then an i486, then a Celeron. I started learning programming with Basic, Asm, Pascal, then switched to C/C++. I spent nights disassembling and reverse engineering applications and video games in attempt to figure out how they were made.

Time has passed, I still have the same kid-ish curiosity and the same desire to explore and learn new things and make something special.These are still my main driving forces. When I find something attractive, I lose track of time digging into it down to its roots.

At the beginning of my IT career, I was a game developer. I have dealt with all aspects of the game development industry such as graphics design, sound design, level design, game features design, and of course programming, scripting, and testing.

I have learned a lot and got an unforgettable experience working for 8 years in the game industry.In 2009, I decided to shift the focus of my career to software development, I was looking for something related to the Internet.Then I discovered an endless ocean of different technology stacks and approaches in web application development.Now I am a full-stack developer. I prefer to work on the server-side. I can work with .NET and NodeJS stack. In terms of frontend development, I have experience writing applications using React and pure JavaScript.

I would like to advance my knowledge and skills towards system design, microservices, cloud solutions, high loads, and especially in the direction of web application security.I am eager to master new tools and technologies and apply them in practice. I firmly believe if one wants to be competitive, they need to constantly learn.I find pleasure in preventing and solving complex problems. I love the feeling when I see the results of work done that are useful for people or companies. When a new version that you have been developing for long time goes live and it works as expected, this brings unforgettable satisfaction with what has been done.I really appreciate the opportunity to be a member of the leet family at Tretton37.

I look forward to expanding and applying my experience, as well as my ambitions and potential, to help companies meet their business needs. I am delighted to meet and work with all these talented creative people, who share the same mindset as me.

I like spending my spare time with my family and friends. When I need to unload my brain and temporarily get rid of the thought of projects and work, I prefer to re-energize in nature. Traveling, hiking, cycling, and sailing help me quite well. I like many different outdoor and indoor activities. I am always open to trying something new. I like playing board games as well as video games. I play chess.

Igor lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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