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I was the kind of kid who disassembled toys and tried to put all parts together again afterwards. I grew up and decided to become an engineer because I simply want to get my hands dirty.

I am proud to say that I ended up in the IT industry where I somehow combined my personal interest with professional skills. As a frontend developer, there is always a new toy to play with. I also find it very interesting to work in a team, the idea exchanging and cooperation are really enjoyable. And of course delivering high quality solution is my ultimate goal.

And finally I can say something about my personal interest. I have always loved, I mean really, to learn all kinds of stuff and all kinds of knowledge and skills. It could be how to forge a sword, it could be how to sew a lunch box bag, it could be how to setup a stero system. Simply put, for teams and jobs that I worked in, I am happy to be the "guy who makes stuff", or the "guy who fix stuff", no matter what.

Haotian lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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