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Gustav Hallberg Hektor, tretton37

As a young boy, I just couldn’t get enough of all things related to technology. I loved taking electronics apart and occasionally putting them back together again, and as a child I dreamed of becoming an electrician. At the end of the nineties we got a “home-pc” with an ADSL-connection, and my spare time was spent between either playing Counter Strike & MMORPGs with friends, or playing guitar and drums in a myriad of different school bands.

My love of all things tech-related, together with my decent problem solving skills, meant that I took on the role as unofficial support technician - whether it concerned audio problems for fellow musicians, or IT-related issues for friends and extended family. At high school I had my first interactions with basic html & css web design and C# programming.

Shortly after high school, I landed a job as an audio/video technician & project manager for conferences and live events. This allowed me to delve deeper into the art of solving tech-related problems for clients for a living - oh the joy! This meant putting together my optimal mix of tech and people to help clients achieve their goals in the best possible way. I spent five years in this profession before feeling the urge to branch out and take a new career path. Two years later, and with a diploma in complex IT sales, I find myself a part of the magnificent tretton37 family of driven problem solvers and skilled software developing craftsmen.

While I might not have pursued my early impressions of web and software development, I’ve focused instead on finding synergies between people, business and technology. Today, tretton37 presents me with the opportunity to continue on my tech-related problem solving path. This involves matching clients’ complex problems with the best team possible for creating well thought out, handcrafted solutions - always with world class user experiences and a proven business value top of mind.

My spare time these days still involves playing and writing music, by myself or with my band. I also enjoy travelling with my girlfriend or going out for a nice dinner with friends. Oh - and did I mention that I still love playing computer and video games? :)

Gustav lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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