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We’re still the same company with the same heart and focus on empowering clients and colleagues – and that will never change – but now we’re shorthand! If you want to get in touch to talk to us about empowering your organisation, uncovering your digital capabilities or find out more about life at 13|37 then head on over to 1337.tech.

tretton37.com will be available for a limited transition period only. Have a wonderful day.

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Giovanni Hanselius, tretton37

When do you see a doctor? When the number of internal bugs has over powered your immunesystem and made it collapse. But if you had testers who could find bugs as soon as they occurredthen the doctor could use pre-emptive measures to save the system before it collapses.

The same is valid for digital systems. Testers are like super detectives finding one bug at the time toprevent system collapse and global failure. Batman was a tester, Sherlock Holmes was a tester, and so am I.

Don’t let my picture on the right daunt you, I´m a really nice tester and guy. I have a backgroundfrom the pharmaceutical industry where quality is everything and where people´s lives sometimesare dependent of the quality of the product. Quality has always been important to me and I alwaystry to strive for a high level of quality even when it seems impossible to reach.

I “Question everything” like the lead singer in the band Five Finger Death Punch screams to theaudience. Is not that I don´t trust you it´s that I don’t know everything and it´s my job to get as muchinformation about the task at hand. So when you see me coming…

When I´m not testing I usually spend time with my children, reading horror books, training Braziliansjiu jitsu and working with my new found passion of beer brewing with my brother.

Giovanni lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

Join Giovanni! We have vacancies in 🇸🇪Lund along with an enviable recruitment package.