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Eleonora Köll Maccacaro, tretton37

The first time I built a webpage I was 17. It was a hair care blog made with Dreamweaver and hosted on my friend's student account on the Helsinki University servers.

Just one year later it became the largest online community about hair care in Italy.Programming has always been a fundamental tool that supported whatever interest I had at the time. It was building web sites that got me my first income as a teenager. It was Perl scripting that got me my first (and only) scientific paper in biochemistry.

When I finally had this realization I decided that my career would be about coding. I am happy when the tool I built is simplifying someone else's life.In my free time I lift weights, bathe in lakes no matter the season and obsess about the latest interest (that's how I am, I get obsessed about something, learn everything imaginable about it and then move on).

Right now I'm into fermented foods, let me know if you have a great kimchi recipe to share!

Eleonora lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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