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Dragana Đekić, tretton37

Long story short - I have had a bit of an unpredictable path, from thinking I would become an English translator, I have changed my mind at the last minute and went off to study another field that piqued my interest: graphic communications. But because the studies were mainly focused on print technologies, print and package design, I eventually became very curious about interaction design. So I started to learn the latter on my own, did a couple of side projects, landed my first job at a digital agency – and now here I am!

Outside of work I hang out with my friends and impress them with my skills of baking pastries :) I also like to spend my time outdoors as much as I can, mostly running and hiking on the surrounding hills. And a fun fact: I collect Hard Rock Cafe pins from interesting cities that I visit.

Dragana lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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