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Daniel Welsh, tretton37

On a whim, I chose to study Computing Science at Newcastle University in the UK, and completed my undergraduate degree. During these studies I discovered the world of Human-Computer Interaction, and became passionate about using technology to help people living with dementia.

I was awarded a PhD scholarship in Digital Civics to study this further, picking up my Masters degree in Digital Civics along the way. However, during my PhD I realised I much preferred the software development side of my doctorate, rather than the academic, and decided to leave the UK and pursue software development full time.

I believe technology works best when it’s built with people, rather than for them. While it can definitely lead to challenging software and complex environments, it has much more of an impact. I like to write it all written in the good stuff (C# and TypeScript).

When I’m away from my screen I look at the smaller screens on my phone and camera. I’m a big fan of photography, especially the landscape and long exposure varieties. I also enjoy burning food in my kitchen and always take an opportunity to travel somewhere new!

Daniel lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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