We've gone from tretton37 to 13|37.

We’re still the same company with the same heart and focus on empowering clients and colleagues – and that will never change – but now we’re shorthand! If you want to get in touch to talk to us about empowering your organisation, uncovering your digital capabilities or find out more about life at 13|37 then head on over to 1337.tech.

tretton37.com will be available for a limited transition period only. Have a wonderful day.

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Christopher Lebond πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Lund Christopher Lebond portrait image

Christopher Lebond, tretton37

A profession in development wasn't a choice but an eventuality. It started with a love of taking things apart and putting them back together again. I could not only do that with computers, but I could extend them too. When they were whole they were also more useful, even if my definition of useful back then was running MUD's and building primitive websites.

This profession gives the most enjoyment when things are working; the team, the software, the coffee machine. I enjoy the challenge of been one step ahead of the software, anticipating and informing on its potential risks, working with the team to produce something someone will love.

Free time is precious. I say that each hour is worth 3x your hourly wage. It should be spent wisely, doing things you enjoy with people you like. I spend mine at my farm, growing crops and renovating. I also love brewing and experimenting with beer, as often as possible using the produce from the farm. Otherwise I'm in the blacksmith or the wood shop, learning from the masters and making items we can use in our daily life.​

Christopher lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

Join Christopher! We have vacancies in πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺLund along with an enviable recruitment package.