Chris Klug

Many, many years ago, in a city not too far away, I started hacking HTML and JavaScript pages together for a small startup. It was only meant to be temporary, as I had my eyes set on becoming an art director. However, 18 years later, I am still hacking away on my computer, and the dream of becoming an art director has long since disappeared. But the idea that this is still a temporary job is still there. One day I will leave my desk and become something else. One day, when I grow up, I will have a “real” job. One day...But however much I say "one day", I'm slowly coming to the realization that I actually really like doing what I do. I like working with computers. I like solving complex problems. And I might even be somewhat good at it. So who knows if there is going to be "one day" or not. I'm not really in a hurry to find out.

Even if I might have ended up in this field due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm still well aware of what it is that keeps me hooked (besides the good salary). It's the constant need to evolve and adapt in an ever changing environment that never slows down. The constant strive to become better. To be more optimized. To be more efficient. And it's not just about optimizing myself and my own processes, instead it's about doing it for my clients. Trying to understand their processes, requirements, limitations and needs, and then trying to optimize them and their situation. Trying to make them more efficient.