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Begum Deniz, tretton37

I remember reading all those thick encyclopedias to check historical facts and learn what others have already invested knowledge in and hoping that one day I might have a space on those pages. I grew up to realize that we don’t need those big heavy books with thousands of pages, the publishing companies or authorities to approve what I know and what I share. That is the era of world wide web; there's tons of information waiting to become someone else’s knowledge.

Although I have always had an interest in biology related subjects, after entering my university education I found that I had a passion for information technologies and realized now I can contribute to the general knowledge and be use of someone. Although I was not motivated to chose that profession in the beginning but after working in it, and being embraced by it, I have realized the possibilities. The possibility of having somewhat of an effect in the flow of life. I am in absolutely delight to be in this line of profession and never want to let it go!

My journey started at university in Istanbul, Turkey, and continued to Binghamton, USA, before moving on to Lund, Sweden. I have learned that the languages are not the most important tool, but our learning is. In order to become an important tool, I want to keep learning about anything that I come across or at least have an idea what they are about such as new frameworks, new tools, that cool script etc.

But, life is not all about work, I also enjoy sitting on my couch pretending to be a cat, and watching some TV series. When I am out of cat mode, I do many things in order to be classified as human such as reading, going out, having a drink or two with my husband, having fun with friends, traveling and eating good food.

Begum lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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