Aron Åstrand

I always strive to understand why people do what they do. No matter how big or small I need to understand people's actions and behaviors. This naturally lead me on the path of working with people.

I stepped into the software developing world three years ago not realizing that I would be hooked. I´m probably the worst coder south of dalälven, believe me, I´ve tried but I love tec and the feeling that you can do whatever you want with code.

To be part of tretton37s well-being team feels awesome, an expanding, agile organization gives me a great sense of motivation and I can't wait to see what this journey might take us.

When not working I have two main interests. Quiz and video games. I believe På Spåret is the best tv-show all categories, I'll be at the Lund office if anyone wants´s to question this. I also participate in a quiz every Thursday for 3 years now, we never win.

Historically I played more WOW than I want to admit, today some casual PS4 gaming fills my needs for gaming.