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Arman Momeni, tretton37
My name is Arman Momeni and I'm 35 years old. Born in Iran but moved to Lund, Sweden, in 1990. Now I live in Stångby, Lund-isch, with wife and four (4) kids. I've been working with e-commerce/retail for about 12 years now. Had my own business, employed as e-commerce manager, worked as a consultant. So, pretty much everything from sending out parcels to buying AI software. If I had to teach anyone coming in to e-commerce anything, it would be the following: Don't buy advertisement at Flashback. I did. All I got was angry Karens emailing and calling me to tell me how stupid I was for financing Flashback and all the criminals on their site.When not working or spending time with my family, I'm chairman of the board of Lunds best football club, Torns IF, playing in division 1. (Third highest divison in Sweden). I work with football players such as Anel Ahmedhodzic, Erdal Rakip, Armin Gigovic, Dejan Kulusevski, Max Svensson, Dennis Hadzikadunic and many more as a sponsorship developer, now with Clean Drinks and Proteinbolaget. It's a hobby that keeps my football addiction in place.I love food. I hate cooking.

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