Antun Koncic

​​My journey into wondrous universe of software development started in the wake of the dot-com boom mostly by being proud drawing and colouring HTML tables and calling it “web design”. Disputable as being a proper development, it was my attempt to build something - me. Something that is driving me to this day.​

Very soon, Internet evolved and badly styled HTML tables simple didn’t cut it for me anymore. World was changing and days for a static Internet were numbered.​​

As a solution, I introduced myself to Microsoft's new C-flavoured language called C# (you might heard of it, yes the one without pointers) and acompanying .NET framework. Armed with hard-copied prints of whatever C#/.NET material I could get my head on, I became - obsessed.

Some time after, it was clear that product paradigm is shifting towards web-based solutions, and, naturally, this is where I wanted to be.

Nowadays, my ingredient of choice is still C# with a heavy sprinkle of JavaScript for added flavour, my (new) favourite framework ASP.NET Core MVC, while my hunger for knowledge has taken me into mobile world where I’ve had a taste of Java and recently Xamarin.​

In my spare time, when I’m not trying to change the world by pushing (non useful) things to GitHub, I’m trekking with my girlfriend, I’m a wannabe rockstar, I try to suck less at photography, relive my rowing days or trying to catch my breath after swimming (mostly floating) 50 m in a swimming pool.