Andreas Martinsson

I like to create things!

That’s what I’ve always had at the back of my mind my whole life. After many twists and turns along the way where I both (and simultaneously) wanted to be a full-time bread-and-water-subsistent artist and a computer science engineer I eventually landed somewhere in-between as a front-end-developer!

I feel this is the ideal position for me because I am able to be creative at work, not only creating awesome user experiences on the web, but also focusing on writing the best code I possibly can. Both of these are creativity to me and that’s what I enjoy most, to create something awesome from nothing.

I am constantly looking for new things to learn and my latest areas of focus as of the time of writing have been JavaScript game development, functional programming and making sculptures out of paper and metal wires.

Other things I enjoy include digital painting, listening to and occasionally making music, spending time with my girlfriend and my cat and of course watching TV-series, sometimes all three at once!​