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Anders Lundsgård, tretton37

Never consult me to take care of your water pipelines. But I hopefully can assist in pipelining your code from VCS to Production.

I am a software craftsman, a team player, and a cartoon presenter with a passion for code of all kinds.

After a dozen of years being an engineer at Scania I not only have produced a ton of code, but also found the joy to automate the deployment, and make the code run reliably on its production infrastructure. To many this might not sound that fancy, but I really don't like to wake up in the middle of the night to deal with production issues. During these years I've become a huge fan of DevOps practices and how public cloud has transformed the way we design and operate applications.

I live with my wife in Nykvarn where we in January 2021 bought a house. We enjoy our family life raising our two children Tilda (2012) and Teo (2015). Learning within this ever-changing industry is one of my biggest interests. I'm also a big fan of Formula 1, Melodifestivalen and someday I hope my children join me on my comeback on the golf course.

I am a hobby developer of iOS apps, being a part of Apple Developer Program since 2011. Still wonder about that "cartoon presenter"? Have a look at and find out.

Anders lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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