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Anders Killander, tretton37

Before I started studying, my life used to revolve around finding the perfect beach and the perfect camera. When not travelling the world myself, I worked at a travel agency helping others get out travelling. As a side income, I took photos and created videos. During recent travels through Central and South America, I made a decision that would take me in a whole new direction - I decided to start studying frontend development.

My development journey started when I was in Bali and I met a guy who was working remotely as a web developer. He explained a bit about his job and it really sounded like it was made for me. I went on to do a basic HTML & CSS course online. After writing my first line of working code I was hooked! However, I wouldn't really get into this job/lifestyle until a few years later… In the coming few years I would spend my time doing various customer service and sales jobs to save up as much money as possible to be out travelling as long as possible before I had to go home and do the same thing all over again.

I spent a couple of years travelling the world before deciding it was time to get into web development for real. At that time I was currently travelling and saw that Hyper Island had a new frontend developer program. I felt right away that this was it -time to get into this for real! Now after studying at HI and doing my internship at 13|37 I'm finally ready to get into the working field as a frontend developer!

As a developer, I really enjoy when things look good, I'm inspired and motivated by the visual aspects of front-end development as well as thriving in digging deep in problem-solving. At the moment I'm most comfortable in React but looking to expand my list of skills. I would say I'm a people person and love the fact that a lot of the time you're not working by yourself but in a team. I'm always curious about the latest technologies and try my best to stay up to date. I enjoy doing a lot of things at the same time and want to learn everything there is about web development right away but have to fight that urge and focus on the most important aspects first.

When I'm not spending all my time in front of a screen trying to find the curly bracket that's messing up my life, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and my dog out in nature or hanging out with friends. Maybe have a beer or two...

Anders lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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