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Aleksi Pohjolainen, tretton37

My son (4 years of age) keeps asking me "Daddy what do you do?" and my answer is mostly "well son, I work with people" and the response is "Ok, but what do you do?". The truth is that I'm a jack of many trades but the one thing in common with everything I do is people. I have been working with people, for people, all my life. It started with selling freshly caught trout to elderly people in my neighbourhood during high school, as they rarely got the chance to get their hands on some.

In my mid-twenties, I counted all the things I had done at that time and realised that I had experienced over 20 professions varying from the odd construction gigs to bakery assistant to restaurant chef - I even cleaned public transport vehicles during nights in Helsinki while studying arts. That pretty much defines me both professionally and personally - I have never shied away from new things, responsibility or tasks of any kind, as long as I sensed that there is a possibility to learn something on the way. Good or bad, I find ways to enhance my understanding of myself, my surroundings and of people. Later on in life, I learned to channel this and found myself in a leadership role in a company that works for people and with people in distress, and here I found something that felt right. A role that was ever-changing and evolving, a role where you get challenged every day and foremost get to learn stuff and at the same time get to support and help your colleagues in their respective quests. I have been on this track for a decade now and not regretted a second of it, and now I can finally make sense of it to my kid: "well son, Daddy is a ninja" and my son replies "wauu that's so cool Daddy, I want to be a ninja too, like kung-fu panda". If my story does not point out what gives me most satisfaction in my job, here it comes: Learning, growing and having fun while doing it.

I'm a naturally curious person and I'm interested in learning more about the business that we operate in, all aspects of it and as much as possible for for someone who never really got around to delving into the deeper aspects of technology, but always enjoyed the benefits that it has brought us. When not dabbling in human understanding or enhancing my knowledge base professionally, you might find me at some obscure river or lake somewhere gathering my thoughts and trying to become a l33t fisherman. I am also very found of reading - especially historical fiction or fantasy in my spare time.

Aleksi lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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