the questions we ask of ourselves

determine the type of people that we will become

_why do we do it?

we simply have to

_a knowledge company.

We work hard on delivering customized and well-crafted software solutions through agile and lean development approaches. Every day in every project we use our knowledge and expertise to help our clients achieve their goals and by this we inevitably share it with the outside world.

We have challenged existing consulting companies from day one by creating a company truly guided by strong core values and a passion for sharing what we know. At tretton37 we bring together developers that value craftsmanship, embrace family spirit, and value transparency and fun in their search for extraordinary challenges.

Instead of stagnation, we challenge the world with innovation. Instead of frustration, we strive to achieve admiration.

That’s why...

_our vision:

to become the most admired company

_we believe in making knowledge available for everyone.

For us at tretton37 knowledge and knowledge sharing has always been of utmost importance. Our business model hinges on sharing knowledge, not only with our clients but also with the community and each other. Sharing knowledge with everyone around us is our primary way of creating additional value in our world.

When we work with our clients we share what we know on a daily basis. Not only through the work we do but also through seminars, code-camps, retrospects, and workshops. It is important for us to let our clients have access to our collective knowledge.

Amongst each other we have a solid autonomous knowledge sharing strategy that is built on each individual's responsibility. In practice this means we put a little piece of the organization's resources in everyone's hands so that they themselves can decide what and how to learn. This is facilitated by meet-ups called Knowledge Tribes. In addition to this we have Knowabunga days (full days devoted to knowledge sharing with our fellow colleagues), our Dojo intranet, and Leetspeak, our own conference. We also run a Strategy day where everyone (yes, every single person in the company!) has a chance to directly influence the development of the company.

We give back to our community through knowledge tribes, discussion forums, Leetspeak (the conference created out of desire to whip up inspiring, hardcore technical content), code retreats, numerous other events and our blog.

_check out

our leet blog

Alfa Laval Explore, the story

This is a story of how we worked closely together with our client Alfa Laval and Tom Manelius to create a groundbreaking product called Explore.

By Tina Yildirim at 2019-03-06

Usability testing in Germany

We completed a usability test of an app in Germany for our client to make the product better.

By Caroline Gustafsson at 2019-01-24
_hungry for some quality knowledge?

Find your local 1337 community

We are passionate about sharing knowledge. We love sharing knowledge with our clients, our fellow ninjas and the greater community. Feel free to join us at any of our public events, check out the links below for a tretton37 event in your area.
_a couple of our upcoming community events

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The idea of Leetspeak goes beyond a conference, it is a concept built on the love for knowledge. It is a gathering for hungry developers and a place for the community to meet and interact.

We started Leetspeak in 2012 and it is aimed at developers who are eager to stay at the forefront of the knowledge game. We want to bring inspiring, hardcore technical content to those who need (and want) to know.

Community has always been a cornerstone for us and Leetspeak is yet another way by which we are able to reach out to fellow developers.