Junior JavaScript Developer

Open position in 🇸🇮 Ljubljana, Slovenia

tretton37 (thirteen37 -> 13I37) is an international software consultancy with more than 85% of our colleagues employed in technology roles. Our teams help our clients tackle complex challenges through building custom software.

We are looking for talented people to join us in our “I-want-to-live-here” offices in the heart of Ljubljana. Are you a software enthusiast at the beginning of your professional career? Do you have a fundamental understanding of software development principles? Welcome to the beginning of your new chapter, something fresh, different, and scändinåviën.

What will you do?

We handpick individuals to create cross-functional teams, which are best equipped to tackle a specific technological challenge. Our teams build custom software, impacting large numbers of users in Scandinavia and beyond. Besides focusing on results, we also put a lot of attention on processes and work according to agile principles. With a specific project we like to get involved at an early stage, so we can influence and set high technology standards and infrastructure requirements. 

As a junior JavaScript developer you will:

  • Receive guidance & coaching from your consultant manager and peers who help you grow in the high-performing environment of custom software development
  • Ideate and develop solutions for various technical challenges in cross-functional teams
  • Actively participate in system architecture and product decisions
  • Proactively help your colleagues grow and work better through code reviews, pair programming, and other extreme programming practices
  • Continuously enhance ways of working regarding people, relationships, processes, and tools
  • Participate in discussions, facilitate workshops, and share knowledge about your topics of expertise
  • Work in a distributed team with co-located and remote colleagues

What are our expectations?

We understand that you are probably not equally interested in both frontend and backend. This is why we are leaving it to you to decide where to focus during the process of your growth. We are looking for an ambitious engineer at the beginning of their professional career. We are after your passion and dedication to learning new things.

Those who succeed in this role usually have:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • A passion for technology, sharing knowledge and enabling others
  • A commitment to security and exceptional quality resulting in reliable and safe software
  • A fundamental understanding of JavaScript, its runtimes, and asynchronous programming
  • Basic understanding of either OOP or functional programming paradigms
  • Some knowledge of at least one major web application framework
  • A fundamental understanding of relational or NoSQL databases
  • Basic understanding of containerization and great development habits

You'll make us extra excited with:

  • Exceptional dedication to the community through your commitment to open-source or other visible initiatives


What are we offering?

  • A full-time employment with transparent salary range, aligned with your experience and responsibilities
  • A dynamic environment with opportunities to work in various industries, different teams and even multiple offices in Slovenia and across Sweden
  • Time to focus and work on one assignment at a time
  • Flexible working hours aligned with your teams’ preferences, utilizing our flex time
  • Impressive and always generously helpful colleagues and mentors at every corner
  • Your choice of the latest and greatest of work tools, including your own brand new computer (Macbook Pro, XPS…) 💻 and brand new phone (iPhone 13, S21…) 📱with data plan
  • Monthly chats with your team lead with regular check-ins in between, to help you unlock your true potential and to support you in improving not just on a professional but also on a personal level
  • Company-wide monthly meetings with complete transparency on our business decisions and future plans 📈
  • Comfortable office environment with artisan coffee ☕, fruit & healthy snacks, on-point holiday decorations, a book library, multiple intriguing boxes of board games, Playstation and more
  • Our fierce dedication to work-life balance and overall well-being 🧘‍♂️
  • Monthly payments into your third-pillar pension fund
  • Love 💚 and support for your ideas and contributions to social events, knowledge sharing initiatives and group sports activities
  • Access to inspiring speakers & experts through our knowledge sharing events of various shapes and sizes, either on Knowabunga, Evolve workshops or in competence groups
  • A hefty annual knowledge & hardware budget, which enables you to cater to your individual growth preferences
  • A minimum of 25 days of paid annual leave plus a minimum of two extra days of paid leave to use for your personal and professional growth

Would you like to learn more? Let's talk!

If you would like to join us in Ljubljana as our new Junior JavaScript Developer, please click here to apply now.