Consultant Manager

Open position in 🇸🇮 Ljubljana, Slovenia

tretton37 (thirteen37 -> 13 I 37) is an international technology company with more than 85% of our colleagues employed in technology roles. We are looking for talented people to join us in our “I-want-to-live-here” offices in the heart of Ljubljana. Are you a born leader and an enabler energized by inspiring others? Do you live and breathe the world of custom software? Welcome to the beginning of your new chapter, something fresh, different, and scändinåviën.

What will you do?

You will be working in an agile environment, overseeing talent growth and development, coaching our employees towards professional and personal empowerment. Together, you will be looking for opportunities to unlock additional value with and for our clients. As an authentic leader with integrity and confidence, you will become a key go-to person and a role model in our company. Not as a traditional manager, but as a servant leader that removes obstacles, inspires, offers support, and guides colleagues towards better decisions.

  • You will design, implement, and analyze our talent growth and development processes.
  • You will coach your colleagues towards making better decisions and support their day-to-day life at work.
  • You will oversee your colleagues' professional development and give guidance, feedback, and advice for improvement.
  • You will oversee managerial tasks, including absence management, salary progression, promotions, and others.
  • You will work with talent acquisition and recruitment in screening candidates and ensuring the relevancy of new roles.
  • You will collaborate with business development in technical pre-sales, team compositions, and in preparing sales presentations.
  • You will work closely with our knowledge department to promote our knowledge-sharing culture.
  • You will continuously improve ways of working regarding people, relationships, processes, and tools.
  • You will take part in discussions, facilitate workshops, and share knowledge about your topics of expertise.
  • You will work in a distributed team with co-located and remote colleagues.

What are our expectations?

We are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced, and driven individual with excellent people and communication skills, and most importantly, a high level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. We expect you to grow into this role with our continuous advice, support, and guidance. 

Those who succeed in this role usually have:

  • At least 5+ years of relevant professional experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • A passion for creating, sharing knowledge, and enabling others
  • Highly developed active listening skills
  • Experience with coaching, mentoring and providing effective feedback
  • Exceptional interpersonal and leadership skills and an ability to inspire and motivate others
  • A basic understanding of local labor laws, regulations, and work-related policies
  • Great time-management skills and experience in facilitating team events and encouraging interactions between colleagues
  • Experience as an engineering manager or a team leader in technology-related industries

You will make us extra excited with:

  • Exceptional dedication to the community through your commitment to people enablement or other visible initiatives.
  • Experience in the field of software development, IT, or technology overall.
  • Experience with working in recruitment, technical pre-sales, or as a scrum master in development teams. 

What are we offering?

_financial aspect

  • Transparent salary range depending on your experience and responsibilities
  • Annual salary progression
  • Highest payouts within meal and transportation compensation, maximum annual holiday allowance payout (i.e., regres), and Christmas bonus
  • Payday on the 25th of the month for the current month
  • Full-time indefinite employment with an immersive 6-month trial period

_wellbeing and health

  • A minimum of 25 days of paid annual leave
  • Additional monthly payments into your third-pillar pension fund
  • Additional insurance with expedited and premium access to specialists and doctors
  • 1337 basketball & table tennis every Friday
  • 1337 nature hikes
  • Frequent in-office Swedish therapeutic massage
  • Mindfulness meditation and breathing sessions every Friday
  • Healthy snacks, fruit, and sugar-free drinks available at all times
  • Ergonomic adjustable hydraulic desks, high-quality chairs, adjustable and glare-free screens, and other tools with an emphasis on a comfortable work environment

_your upgrade and gear

  • Generous knowledge budget to be spent on conferences, additional tools, education, licenses, and gadgets every year
  • Monthly 1:1 sessions with a team lead with regular check-ins in between, helping you advance your professional aspirations
  • Organized knowledge days 3x a year, every time in a unique location 
  • Employee-driven tribes with specific knowledge or topical interests supported with resources from tretton37
  • A minimum of 2 extra days of paid leave to use for your personal and professional growth
  • A brand new flagship laptop of choice (Macbook Pro, XPS, …)
  • A brand new flagship phone of choice (iPhone 12, S21, …) including a data plan

_your second home and events

  • Full access and use of our premises, 24/7
  • Creative and relaxed environment: board games, Xbox, SNES, library ...
  • Flexible working hours
  • A remote-friendly company with flexible policies in terms of where you can work form
  • Unlimited artisan coffee, soft drinks, and craft beers
  • Voluntary participation in international trips and team building activities
  • Summer BBQ and Christmas party for our employees and their families
  • Culinary days (Friday Fika, Codelunch, Leetlunch)
  • Fun after-work activities and events (code nights, book club, movie nights, paintball, go-kart races, quiz & trivia nights, Magic the gathering tournament, etc.)
  • Support for open-source projects and community engagement

_challenges and day-to-day

  • Carefully curated projects to challenge you in every way
  • Work with large international clients, unicorn startups, and early-stage companies solving meaningful problems
  • Impressive colleagues and mentors at every corner
  • Scandinavian approach with a flat organizational structure
  • Complete transparency on business decisions and participation in monthly meetings with influence on our future growth 
  • Opportunities to gain international experience in any of our offices abroad You had me at hello - how do I apply
If you would like to join us in Ljubljana as our new Consultant Manager, please click here to apply now.