Frontend Developer

Open position in 🇸🇪 Borlänge, Sweden

Hello, nice to meet you!

We are tretton37 - created by developers, for developers. We are a knowledge and culture-driven company on a mission to fight bad code, one line at a time. Since 2010, we have grown to almost 300 handpicked craftspeople from all around the world. We love to learn as much as we love to work within a company that embraces a kind and supportive atmosphere. We value work-life balance and social activities such as summer gatherings where everyone's whole family is invited, monthly lunch and dinner events, and sports activities. Our mission “Enabling people and organization with technology excellence” is without a doubt a central part of everything we do.

I love working at tretton37 because of our focus on craftsmanship and quality. tretton37 and our customers expect me to spend the time and effort to write great code, not just provide a pair of hands at a keyboard.

- Helen Toomik, Software Developer @tretton37

We wish that our next colleague:

  • Live and breath JavaScript with experience in ES6 +
  • Have created web applications using React, Angular, Vue, or similar
  • Write code that is clean, reusable, and testable
  • Have a thirst for knowledge - always staying curious,  keeping up-to-date, and sharing what you know!
  • $ git commit (often)

Are you also experienced with: Node, Java, .NET (or similar), then we could do even greater things together!

What will you do?

  • When you put a bunch of brilliant minds together, anything is possible. We always aim to work with projects that are technologically advanced and full of exciting challenges. 
  • We like to get involved with a project at an early stage - when we can influence and set high technology standards, infrastructure requirements and start our hardcore development process. 
  • We cover the entire product and service pipeline, from high-performance scalable backends to stunning interfaces for all devices - always with first-class quality and satisfied clients in mind. 
  • At the end of the day, what truly matters to us is the impact that we are able to create through technology; either for our clients or the community.

We put knowledge in the spotlight - this is what you get: 

To assure that we never stop gaining and sharing knowledge among ourselves, with our clients, and with the community, this is a selection of our "knowledge buffet": 

  • Competence groups, code lunches, local and international conferences, and masterclasses are some examples of how we meet up, socialize and share knowledge within the organization.
  • Some examples of our contributions to the community are our community conference leetspeak, live-streamed knowledge sharings, and hackathons.
  • Combine all this with the freedom of having your own knowledge budget to be spent on conferences, additional tooling, education, licenses, or gadgets, along with a supportive family spirit on top of it all.

Would you like to learn more?

Get some insights into life at tretton37 by checking out our twitterfacebooklinkedInInstagram and Flickr.

Let’s figure out together if we could be a good match, and then take it from there!

For contact or questions: 

We look forward to hearing from you 🤗💚



If you would like to join us in Borlänge as our new Frontend Developer, please click here to apply now.