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We <3 Nancy

Posted 2015-09-17 By Erik Forsberg

At tretton37 we have always used and developed open source software, it is just one of the ways we create value by sharing knowledge. During the last few years we have used Nancy for customers and pet projects, and during the years Nancy has grown to be a fantastic lightweight framework. It’s also worth mentioning that Thoughtworks recognised this, and set Nancy to Adopt status on their technology radar in May 2015. It’s a really impressive journey that Nancy has achieved, and once again the drive and commitment shown by the contributors is really admirable.

We <3 Nancy

During the years we have developed a greater knowledge of Nancy, perhaps because we are lucky to have the creator and core contributor Andreas Håkansson working with us at tretton37. So if you have any questions about Nancy or need help with developing Nancy functionality, just give us a ping and we will take it from there!

Talking about OSS, at Leetspeak in Stockholm October 10th we are extremely happy that there will be a pretty impressive OSS attendance!

There will be people representing Nancy, Cake, MonoDevelop, NServiceBus, ScriptCs, FakeItEasy, xBehave.net, Octokit.net, ReactiveUI, libgit2sharp, AKKA.Net, Serilog and Omnisharp to mention a few!

Leetspeak tickets are popular, but there are more tickets to be released next Wednesday 23rd September - if you haven’t already grabbed one then that’s your chance! There will be mingle at a pub afterwards, so if you want to exchange ideas with fellow OSSers then please join us whether you’ve been a part of the conference or not! We have yet to decide upon which bar we’ll be at, but keep your eyes peeled on the Leetspeak site for information about the location.

We hope to see you at Leetspeak or down the pub afterwards!

Shameless plug: We are a very unique family of driven software-creating professionals.

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