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Two-day masterclass: Faster Software Delivery with Dan North at Foo café in Malmö

Posted 2012-09-12 By Joel Sannerstedt

Last week, three of us from tretton37 in Lund had the opportunity to, along with two guys from a telecom company in Copenhagen, attend Dan North’s two-day masterclass, Faster Software Delivery. The class was held at Foo Café in Malmö which is an independent meeting place for people within the IT industry in the Malmö/Lund area in the south of Sweden. Foo Café is located in Media Evolution City, which is a nice place for this kind of event. In addition to that, the coffee and food served were great. (On a side note, it was really interesting to see six software guys trying to set up the AV in a meeting room)

Listening to Dan North for two days was a really positive experience. We had great discussions during the course and we received a lot of very good and useful information with many a-ha moments.

Many of the discussions spun around Dan’s Patterns of Effective Delivery, how to create and deliver software faster. One major theme in this, is what Dan calls unpacking the agile hype. Agile has been very effective in comparison to development in the pre-Agile era, but what we need to do now in order to take the next step, is to challenge these practices. Instead of using each technique and adapt each practice, we need to ask ourselves, what are we optimizing for? What is it we’re trying to achieve by using this specific technique? And what could be doing instead? During the course, each question was discussed thoroughly and different answers proposed. Trying to retell these are well out of the scope for this post, but there are a few talks by Dan on the subject available on the interwebz.

Finally we would like to thank Foo Café and Dan North, for this great experience.

// Joel, Per, Stefan

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