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The third knowabunga day of 2014

Posted 2014-06-26 By Anders Persson

Previously I’ve discussed the challenges of organising our Knowabunga days due to the wide range of different and exciting interests we have here at tretton37. When planning companywide activities we have to cater to all of these interests or we run the risk of not getting a return on the investment. We are convinced that learning goes hand in hand with the individual’s aspirations, and therefore interest is an important factor. I like to think that we have succeeded with that so far, but we can always strive to make it even better.

We typically organise these days around common goals and establish a few boundaries. Teams are usually created based on your areas of specialisation or areas you wish to develop further (for example Sharepoint devs, front-end devs, tranditional C# devs). The goal is set up so that you can use any technology, which is typically how we deal with the fragmented interests. Now, we also have a few people that work with the ‘soft aspects’ of our trade – those we call ‘coaches’ and the like. Since coding is not their ‘thing’ they usually plan something different on their own. This Knowabunga we facilitated two tracks in line with this area called “People and Leadership” and “Presenters Guild” and allowed these tracks to be open to all.

I expected that all the devs would go for coding in the “Perfect Stack” track, and – heck – we even called it the main track. That assumption turned out to be wrong; “People and leadership” was the most popular track. This was as an eye opener for me. While we have always covered all technological interests we forgot somewhere along the way that devs are more than just code and this should also be taken into account. Communicating with project members, stakeholders and product owners is a big part of what we do besides coding. Therefore, I expect we will see a lot more soft content at Knowabunga days in the future.

The “Presenters Guild” track had the fewest participants. This doesn't discourage us from having this or similar topics in the future though. Depending on the feedback we get it might just be just the opposite. The way we see is that its better to have sessions that are fantastic to a handfull of people rather then sessions that are just average to the whole lot.

For those curious about the outcome of the ”Perfect Stack” track, here are the repos:

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