Software Craftsmanship Discussion

Posted 2011-02-03 By Martin Mazur

                1st March, 18:00-22:00
                [tretton37 office, Lilla Fiskaregatan 8A, 222 22 Lund](
                To discuss the state of Software Craftsmanship.
                []( before 22nd February

A couple of weeks ago Dan North published the article "Programming is not a craft", discussing some potential risks with the Software Craftsmanship movement. This stirred quite a discussion between software professionals all over the globe. Many have strong arguments for each side, of course Bob Martin chimed in but also Martin Fowler. Marcin Floryan has a write-up collecting several links to different resources putting forth arguments for both sides.

In the light of this discussion we would like to invite all software professionals to an open discussion in Lund, Sweden on the state of Software Craftsmanship. Let us sit down and talk about Software Craftsmanship, what is it really? What does it mean to you? What are the effects of it? What impact has it had?

Of course food and drinks will be served, space is limited so please RSVP if you would like to come.

Looking forward to a great chat. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, Martin Mazur, +46 (0)709-784003.

Shameless plug: We are a very unique family of driven software-creating professionals.

Join us. We are hiring in all our offices in 🇸🇪 Sweden & 🇸🇮 Slovenia.