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Posted 2012-08-20 By Roger Wilson


19th of September 2012, 18:00-22:00
Nalen - Stacken, Stockholm
Here before 18th of September

We at tretton37 love to code and now, for the first time, it's time to bring that love to Stockholm. We would like to invite all of you developers in Stockholm to a robot battle to celebrate that Winter is coming.

How it’s going to happen
You will arrive at Nalen and get a wrap in one hand and something to drink in the other to get your energy levels up. At 18:00, we will start the briefing of the competition and check to see if anybody needs pairing up. Then! we bring out some beer and let the coding commence for 2 solid hours. After that, we can all enjoy our newly implemented little destroyers blow each other up into smithereens on the big screen, enjoying a snack while the best robot prevails and takes home the first prize.

Combat Tools of Choice
We will compete in pairs and program a virtual robot team in the wonderful language C#. We will provide an API so all you have to do is use it to build an AI for your robot. The hardest part of it all will probably be what to name your robot ;)

If you accept this challenge
Sign up for the event and come to Nalen - Stacken in Stockholm at 18:00 September 19.

What you bring
In order to compete what you need is a laptop with Visual Studio 2010 or newer. And of course your coding skills...

What we bring
We will provide the necessaries, like beer, food and interwebz.

And don’t forget!
The winning robot team will be awarded a nice prize.

Don’t hesitate to contact Mattias Josefsson +46 725 40 1337 or Roger Wilson +46 725 42 1337

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