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Insights for a future powered by data

Posted 2020-02-25 By Per Nåtby

Prisjakt, Insights for a future powered by data

Prisjakt is the largest price comparison site in the Nordics, offering impartial information and advice to assist customers with their purchasing decisions. September 2020 saw the birth of a new service called Insights; developed in collaboration with tretton37. By offering B2B customers insights about customer behaviour and the e-commerce market, Prisjakt took an important step from marketing channel to a relevant player in a future that is powered by data.

Customers have requested the Prisjakt data for a long time. The challenge has been to make it available in a way that meets the wants and needs of all the relevant stakeholders; from tech savvy e-commerce giants who want near real time data, to the local bike shop on the corner who requires simple access to the insights that are relevant to them. In June 2020, tretton37 was brought onboard to realise this idea.

We have worked together with consultants from tretton37 in several projects before, and felt entirely confident that they would solve the task in a good way. They always have a high technical competence and work in an ecosystem that makes the entire company’s pool of knowledge available to us, says Peter Stark who works as Product Owner at Prisjakt.

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From vision to launch

The project owner’s vision was the starting point for the project, and consultants from tretton37 and one of Prisjakt’s own developers acted as an independent development team. Together they built the solution, whilst working in tight collaboration with Prisjakt’s sales, marketing and UX-staff.

We worked as a task force, and our mission was to develop and test the product owner’s ideas. It felt like a great vote of confidence to be able to explore the nature of the product together with the customer, says Andreas Couriou who developed the solution together with his tretton37 colleagues Niclas Fredriksson and Patrik Palmér along with Henrik Karlén from Prisjakt.

The solution was developed in Google Cloud Platform, primarily with Python and TypeScript, and the result was a solution that makes it possible to access the data from Google Sheets, Google Data Studio or via an API in the customer’s own BI-tool.

Micke Tommy Daniel looks at computer

We managed to keep the costs down, and within a couple of months we created a product that was of high enough quality for it to be launched to prove its value, says Niclas Fredriksson from tretton37.

A repositioning step

Insights allows the B2B customers to access the latest prices, inventory status and the popularity of a product in the category of their choice. It is a tool that enables a simple analysis of competitors, trends and assortment; What’s hot and what’s not? How does the price change over time? This new service transcends Prisjakts relevance from the B2B customer’s marketing departments into teams who work with development and strategic pricing.

We have repositioned ourselves from a marketing channel to a partner who offers insights and knowledge about the market, says Peter Stark at Prisjakt.

As a developer, it is motivating to work with an innovative product that is important to the customer and brings an entirely new offering to the market, says Patrik Palmér from tretton37.

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