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My thoughts about SPC14

Posted 2014-03-14 By Magnus Hansson

Too old

Maybe I am getting too old for travelling getting jet lagged or maybe it is just the fact that I had a surgery 2 weeks before going to the SPC that I was totally exhausted most of the time being there. I went to bed early every evening and got up early because I could not sleep any longer. So this is how it feels like to be an old man. Too tired to stay up at night and too alert to sleep in the early morning. So much for Las Vegas night life. He .. I blame it on the surgery and not the fact that I not so long ago turned 40. But the reason I went to this event was not to rumble in the jungle in the first place.

Better organised

Anyway, I believe that this time around the conference in whole was really good organized. The sessions was good, even though many of the developer sessions covered mostly the same thing. REST, oData, third party open-framewords like angular, knockout and typescript. Not so much SharePoint actually but more how to utilise different client side approaches to talk with the SharePoint REST end point through the App Model.

The biggest thing

The biggest thing I take away from this conference is that I actually align myself more with the approach that Microsoft has with the client app model even when I am focusing on developing on-premise. I see the value in preparing for the future in a totally different way than before and believe that this is the only way to go. Build your solutions around the client model instead of the old school Web Forms with Application Pages, User Controls, Delegate Controls and so on. A defined path has been made very clear from Microsoft and if we developers does not align with this we will be toast for all future releases and paint ourselves in a corner crying that things did not remain the same. Things change, always. Now it is time to change with them or we will not be around to influence the next change.

SPC14 - denial

A new alignment

Even if Office 365’s not the obvious choice for all customers they start to look more and more up to the clouds and wonder if there is something that might be in their future plans. Even if we still develop for on-prem we need to think about that everything which needs to be migrated to the cloud one day and therefore it is a good strategy to already now take that into our plans of development. Get your data from REST even if you can get it from server-side code. Build your Business layers in JavaScript even if it is totally possible to work with C# and back-end code. Build your UI with knockoutJS, renderJS, angularJS or any other templating JavaScript of choice instead of ASP:repeaters (or whatever server components you like to use). Some re-thinking how we structure our projects and deploy these is now mandatory if we want to catch along the big SharePoint train that is moving faster and faster to the cloud.

I don’t know about you but I think this is exciting times, my only regret is that I did not grasp this obvious message from Microsoft before.

Over & out


My 4 favourite sessions from SPC

Scot Hillier:
3rd party JavaScript libraries you need to know

Joel Oleson
The strategy behind building a successful social intranet

Ted Pattison:
SharePoint App best practices using OData and the SharePoint REST API

Scot Hillier:

Build your own REST service with WebAPI 2

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