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Moving towards autonomous knowledge development

Posted 2015-05-05 By Martin Mazur

For us tretton37 knowledge and knowledge sharing has always been top priority. Our business model hinges on sharing knowledge, not only with our clients but also with the community and each other. This makes experimenting with different ways of learning key to our success.

As we have grown we have also recognized that what once was easy — satisfying everyone’s knowledge thirst — has grown more complicated. We recognized that not everyone accumulates knowledge in the same way and what might work for a certain individual is pure hell for another.


This is why we decided to launch the Ninja Budget last year — simply put this is a part of the company’s knowledge budget distributed and put in every employees hands to leverage the knowledge activity that they think will give them the best personal growth.

Ninja Budget was a great step towards autonomy, and this year we wanted to see if we could take it even further. In January we complemented the budget with time meaning that not only does everyone have money to spend on knowledge they now also have paid time to use for developing themselves.

In order to facilitate this and still maintain a sense of us learning together we have a concept called Tribes. The simplest way to view a Tribe is as an internal user group or meet-up; it’s a way to create structure in the autonomy.

We have Tribes formed around single events such as such as JSConf, SharePoint Evolution and BuildStuff. We also have Tribes focusing on modern technology such as machine learning, virtual reality and not one but two different IoT tribes.

I myself recently started a Tribe focused on learning from other programming languages and we are currently exploring Elixir. I am really excited to see what other things can grow from this – the best things start at the grass roots.


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