Movie Night

Posted 2014-04-01 By Oskar Hülphers


the 24th April 2014, 17:00
tretton37 office, Stockholm
Here before 20th of April

Come and join us at our tretton37 office in Stockholm for an old-school movie night! We'll open up our doors at 17:00 and start the movie around 18:30, so feel free to drop in whenever you feel like during that time.

Now, while we usually seek to encourage healthy eating here at tretton37 (sallads and such), we feel that this is just not one of those occasions. What better way to really enhance your movie experience than with some pizza, soda, crisps and sweets? :-)

What will we be watching? Well, it doesn't need much of an introduction... we'll go with a classic.

office space

Please RSVP here and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

If you have any questions feel free to contact Oskar Hülphers, +46 (0)706-735898.

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Join us. We are hiring in all our offices in 🇸🇪 Sweden & 🇸🇮 Slovenia.