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Leetspeak 2014

Posted 2014-02-24 By Peter von Lochow

Leetspeak is a conference born out of the desire to bring inspiring, hardcore technical content to those who need to know. It's an alternative to all those big expensive conferences out there that are held on weekdays. It aims to be both affordable and accessible as it’s always held on a Saturday. We wanted to make it that anyone who has the drive to learn should be able to attend, not just those lucky few that can get sponsored by their companies and get time off work.


The first Leetspeak was held in Malmö 2012, and then in 2013 we took it to Stockholm. This year we wanted the community to be involved in making the decision about where it should be held... and a decision has been reached. :-)

To avoid alternatives like the Bahamas or Hawaii (even if that would have been awesome) cropping up, we narrowed it down to three alternatives - Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö - and then invited people to cast their votes. The poll was left open for three days, then it was closed and the votes were tallied.

Cleaning out extra votes

One of tretton37's core values is "what you see is who we are". This means that we love transparency and therefore are more than happy to share our thinking process with you in relation to the final result.

We used a free poll/survey system that had certain flaws, making it relatively easy to cast a vote several times. Some of these extra votes were hard to detect (votes from different devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc.) but others were quite easy to find and filter out. In those cases where we were unsure, the votes were regarded as valid and added to the respective totals.

When going through the data we removed votes that had come from the same IP address and were a little too close to one other. If you feel that we have been unfair or you don’t agree with our process, then please drop us a line and let us know.

We ended up filtering;

• 11 votes for Gothenburg from the same IP address within the space of less than a minute.
• 37 votes for Stockholm from the same IP address within the space of less than a minute (two occasions).
• 0 votes for Malmö were altered.

The result

So, ladies and gentleman... the final results are... drumroll

• Stockholm 206 votes
• Gothenburg 227 votes
• Malmö 111 votes

Leetspeak 2014 will therefore be held in Gothenburg! :-D

Thank you all for getting involved and helping us to make the decision as to where Leetspeak 2014 will be held. The work for finding a venue is already underway, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all there. :-)

/ Team Leetspeak

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