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Join me for DevConf

Posted 2017-08-08 By Michał Łusiak

DevConf is a new conference in Kraków, Poland being held next week (14-15th September). I like to see it as the spiritual successor of DevDay - and this pretty much guarantees that it's going to be an awesome event. I'll be holding 2 talks at DevConf which gives me free entry to the conference, but not everybody has the opportunity to be a speaker or even afford the ticket. The brilliant organisers gave us two 50% discount codes (and we <3 them for that) but we thought - "why not make it 100%"?! It makes so much more sense - right?!

So, we want to help two people to join me at the conference. DevDay was the first developer conference I attended and it totally changed both my world view and my career. Maybe it will be a similar experience for you? So let me help you to get there!

Hit me up at michal@tretton37.ninja with your story. I'm looking for an inspiring or funny reason why it should be you. It’s that simple.

Rules of the game

  • You’ve got 1000 characters. That’s it. After that, I stop reading. Being short and to the point is good practice before tweeting from the conference ;)
  • You must be a student or in some other way at the beginning of your career in tech
  • You must prove you have a way to get to DevConf - we don't want these tickets to go to waste
  • We’ll make an honorary deal – within two weeks of returning from the conference you’ll get to write a blog post about your experience at DevConf and we’ll put it up on our blog (feel free to post it on yours too!)

What are you waiting for?
Let the game begin…

I look forward to meeting you.

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