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In the Pursuit of Becoming the Most Admired Company in Our Region

Posted 2011-04-07 By Deniz Yildirim

Our awesome company tretton37 has grown from only two developers to 23 within only 13 months. Yet, we still want to grow and some surely wonder why… Here is a quick insight to my thoughts.

I actually think that the “how” is more important than the “why”. Because executing this mission without compromising the quality of our offerings and our strong culture has to be planned and carried out very carefully. I’ll write about this in my next blog post, but for now let's just focus on why I think expansion is the right strategy at this phase of our development.

First of all we’re very proud and happy to receive a great response from our clients and the community since our very first day on the market. We feel a strong responsibility to match the increasing demand for our services and this is of course one of the main reasons for expanding our operations.

Another reason, which is at least as important as the first one, is our passion for creating additional possibilities for both internal and external competence development activities to keep our developers the best and the sharpest professionals in the market. Even though we’ve already established a rich variety of knowledge sharing forums at tretton37, we believe that we still can do better! By expanding our operations, we aim to create major resources for boosting our knowledge even more and get one step closer to our vision.

Maintaining and improving our conditions and creative working environment where developers can always focus on their personal growth as much as delivering quality and state of the art software solutions is part of this ambition too. This also requires a set of reforms in our organization such as establishing larger and well-defined sales, delivery and support functions and trimming our processes.

Yes, our journey has just started but we’ve already reached a level where we need to plan our next step. In the pursuit of fulfilling our ambitious vision, “To Become the Most Admired Company in Our Region”, expansion is now our strategical choice.

I believe that almost everyone with a bit of smarts can handle an expansion; it’s not rocket science… But doing it without losing the feeling for reality and focus on what is important for the organization is what makes the difference. Our choice is basically a sane expansion by keeping our feet on the ground and focusing on the quality, our culture & core values as always.

I’ll write more about my view on the “HOW” question in my next blog post. Thank you for taking some time and reading my thoughts at the edge of a new phase of tretton37.

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