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"Expansion" but "HOW"?

Posted 2013-02-05 By Deniz Yildirim

I wrote a post a while ago on "why" expansion has become our strategic choice in the pursuit of Becoming the Most Admired Company.

The more important question remains though: "How" are we going to do it?

_Let's take a look at the key factors that make us stand out in an ocean of a million others:

_1. tretton37 is a company of specialists. Our passion for knowledge-sharing, software development, and quality; combined with a fixed focus on a single platform, makes us unique.

2. We also have a powerful company culture that is built on our core values; it is an integral part of our offerings and complements our technical expertise.

These two factors are the source of our pride in tretton37, and the reason we've received so much love from our clients and the community. They constitute our core-business.

In such a company as tretton37, expansion runs the risk of threatening the very factors that have made it unique and successful - unless a well-planned strategy and careful execution are in place.

While expanding, we have to live up to our vision and these factors that make us unique. This brings me to our big question – "How"

Our expansion strategy is all about establishing new local offices in different regions with the same services and core values. Expanding up to a moderate, yet still a robust size in each office. A size that enables us not only to have a powerful delivery-capacity to handle local demand; but also to run our knowledge-sharing activities at the highest of standards and with the best results. Up to a size no larger than a magical number where people still know all their colleagues by name.

_This way, we get to keep the best of both worlds: Keeping "the small" within "the large" and gaining these benefits:

• We retain all of the advantages of preserving our specialist profile of our local offices by focusing on what's important to us; the quality of our work and our values.

• At the same time, we have the versatility to reach out to be a larger sized company, comprised of all our offices (inter-)nationally. Creating a greater network of like-hearted developers with a larger accumulated knowledge to share on the very same platform.

• And also a volume, which brings financial benefits that also help us in becoming the most admired company.

_How are we going to stick to the plan?

Well, we're going to let our clients, colleagues and the community be our judge. They will have their eyes on us and keep us on the right track; just as they have been doing since day one!

I've given you just a quick glimpse of our expansion strategy in this post. As for the details, they're best expressed by hundreds of slides and I'm sure you're not really up for that just right now. :)

Please drop me a line if you are wondering more about how we think!

Hope that you've enjoyed this post and thanks for reading.

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