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Devnull - the prizes

Posted 2015-11-27 By Peter von Lochow

When: February 13th, 2016 (new date!)

Where: Lund - Hypoteket

RSVP: Here

"Escape from devnull" is a science-fiction or fantasy adventure that you experience by coding it. It's one of the greatest and most fun development tournaments that you can attend! You can read more about what goes on here.

And as if all of that entertainment isn't enough, there are also a heaps of amazing of prizes to be claimed during the competition; big and small - all depending on the problem solved.

Figure out a solution - claim your prize!

Basically, you and your team will be presented with a couple of different problems to solve in a dungeon-crawler type of environment, with problems ranging from fairly easy to fairly difficult. If you manage to solve something easy then there is a smaller prize to be claimed, but if you manage to figure out one of the more difficult ones then the reward is greater! So, the harder the challenge the more awesome your prize :-)

This is the droid you're looking for; an awesome little robot that patrols your apartment. It can be controlled by a smartphone or you can just let it roam free.

Harman Kardon
You can't get high quality code without high quality sound. These headphones from Harman Kardon will sort that out.

Improve your TV experience with Google's latest Chromecast. Bigger, better, meaner and leaner.

Curious as to where on the roof your Frisbee ended up? Well, wonder no more - with this little drone you can see for yourself.

Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride - one of the best board games out there.

Agricola - a board game where you manage your own farm.

Tzolk'in - kind of like Settlers, but a board game.

Intrigued? Interested? Want to be involved? Sign up here and we'll see you February 13th!

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