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Design sprint week - a quick report

Posted 2017-05-05 By Lisa Hamberg

It was time for the tretton37 team to facilitate another design sprint together with one of our customers. This time the team consisted of colleagues from both the Lund and the Stockholm office. We were three UX specialists, one facilitator and one customer specialist in our team. Their team for example consisted of a CTO, an IT Manager and a Sales Manager to get as good and broad knowledge and input as possible during the week.

Monday - Laying the foundation for the rest of the week

This day was all about sharing knowledge with each other so that every sprint participant knows as much as possible about what problem to solve and setting a shared goal of the week by writing down sprint questions.

Tuesday – Solution mode = on!

This is when the creativity started to flow. We kicked off the day by inspirational lightning demos, and when we had gathered assets and confidence – we started to sketch individually. We did a 8in1 exercise, drawing one sketch in one minute – but eight times in a row. Then we sat by ourselves and did some 3-step sketches of a flow in the solution.

Wednesday – Taking decisions

The morning started with an art gallery of all the 3-step sketches from the Tuesday. We got to vote for the solutions or parts we likes the best and in the afternoon these ended up in a storyboard – the precursor of our prototype.

Thursday – Making it feel real

Thursday was about making a prototype out of the information we have gathered during the week so far. Me, Nejc and Caroline did some Sketch-magic while Kalle and Tommy gathered content, helped out with assets and prepared for the user interviews being held the next day.

Friday – Keeping fingers crossed

This day was like going to the movies, although as Nejc pointed out, you made the film yourself. The sprint team gathered in a room that was set up with a screen to view the interviews remotely, and Kalle and Tommy took turns conducting the user tests and interviews while we watched. This was really exciting and to our delight the tests resulted in some great data of what users think about the concept, the GUI, the flow and the usability.

It was an intense week but a lot of fun! It was a great way to work agile and for the customers to try out their ideas in a quick and still extensive way. And I have to brag about the teamwork that was truly extraordinary all the way!

I hope for more of these experiences in a soon future!

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