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Community – Quid Pro Quo

Posted 2014-01-28 By Anders Persson

As developers and as companies we benefit tremendously from what is done within open source projects. We, and every one else profiting from this really owe it to the community to provide something in return - Quid pro quo.


At tretton37 we have Knowledge Sharing Days at our own offices, both in Lund and Stockholm. We have expanded this concept for 2014 and it's going to be glorious! It also sits well with our 'Craft as a Lifestyle' core value and we all truly enjoy learning new stuff.

We <3 Open Source

But let's get back to open source - we figure one of the main obstacles against contributing to open source is the lack of time. It's an inherent property of time that you can't make more of- you can only allocate it. So why not dedicate one of our brand new Knowledge Days to this purpose? Spoiler alert – that's just what we will do.

With some work we managed to create an agenda for the day that also squeezes in some learning and knowledge sharing in addition to the contribution part.

This is what we'll do
In short this is what we will do: we'll create small groups of three and each group will be assigned an open source project. The ultimate goal of the teams is to contribute something at the end of the day to the project. Contribute may mean anything; fix a bug, implement a requested feature, build a plugin or whatnot. In between, we'll take some time to figure out how the code works and see what we can learn from it.

We will work with the following projects;

Template Hub

This is the first experiment of this kind that we will do at tretton37 - we'll let you know how the thing turns out, either here or on the grapevine.

We'll report on our progress during the day with the hashtag #1337oss.

Keep it OSS!

Shameless plug: We are a very unique family of driven software-creating professionals.

Join us. We are hiring in all our offices in 🇸🇪 Sweden & 🇸🇮 Slovenia.