Region Skåne

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The Client

Region Skåne employs around 32,000 people, most of which work in the healthcare sector; in hospitals, primary healthcare units or dental services. Other regional offices act as executives to Region Skåne and its committees. There are also a number of offices that provide technical and material assistance.

The Challenge

The largest hospital in the Scanian region of southern Sweden is the result of a merger between the two previously largest hospitals within the region; Malmö and Lund. They merged in 2010 and now consist of 11,000 employees.

The challenge was to solve the problem faced by these hospitals using two different systems for storing and accessing documents, making it difficult to find the correct information and share information between co-workers.

The Solution

The solution developed by tretton37 provides unified access to all healthcare-related documents in this new unified hospital. Hospitals operate 24/7 and require fast and easy access to all medical or healthcare related documents in their daily work routine. Therefore, a system was developed with a clear separation between the reading of documents and the creation and management of documents.

Since hospitals are prone to frequent re-organisation - especially in the event of a merger - the system has a very loose hierarchy based on metadata instead of a rigour structure. The same metadata controls the navigation in both the creation and reading areas.

Furthermore, the solution contains a means of gathering acknowledgements of reading for certain documents that are mandatory reading to all or parts of the staff.