Finax logo

The Client

Finax is one of the leading cereal companies within Northern Europe and is a market leader in gluten free products. The company manufactures flour, flour mixes, muesli, cakes and breakfast products.

The Challenge

Finax was in need of an upgrade of their current Intranet and Management System that would allow them to better share information and communicate within the company.

Their existing Management System was file based on a static taxonomy that required significant effort to maintain.

Being an expanding company they needed a system that would allow them to quickly adapt to new ideas and changes in the company, while keeping everyone up to date.

The Solution

We created a new intranet based on our FastStart Intranet Solution. Our product accelerates and enhances the out of the box SharePoint 2013 experience.

The users immediately felt the solution was part of their company. This was due to our attention to their branding and corporate identity.

Together with our client, we designed their new information structure. It enabled the user to share information and discuss new topics from the start.

Our Management System platform holds the processes and policies. These regulate the different areas of our client's intranet. The result is central coordination in a distributed system.